Quadri di Arte Contemporanea dell' Artista Germanico Iz Maglow

I quadri di arte contemporanea dell' artista germanico Iz Maglow sono presentati al pubblico in mostre bibliografie e aree pubbliche ormai da piu di vent'anni.

"...Di fronte alle sue opere, qualsiasi ostinazione fallirà miseramente, come pure sicuramente goffe percezioni..." ha scritto Kai Hoffmann nel Frankfurter Rundschau a proposito del pittore Germanico Iz Maglow già nel 1987. E ha continuato il suo artistico ritratto di quest' ultimo definendolo "...un mago del gioco e del contrasto..."

Quattro anni piu tardi lo stesso giornale cita lo storico Hans-Peter Schwarz che definisce Iz Maglow "un vagabondo multimediale", "...dal quale lo spettatore puòessere deviato facilmente...". "...Maglow sceglie sempre brillanti titoli per le sue pitture, ma mai indifferenti..." spiega Hans-Peter Schwarz all' apertura dell' esibizione di arte e scenografica dell' artista tedesco Iz Maglow al Holzhausenschloss in Frankfurt nel 1991.

Nel suo lavoro artistico e nel suo stile Iz Maglow ha sempre cercato nuove vie e maniere per esprimere se stesso. Per questa ragione il suo tipo di quadri artistici copre una vasta gamma. Molte delle sottoelencate opere d' arte sono state create con colori a tempera e / o acrilici su tela o carta. Altri materiali artistici aggiuntivi che l' artista ama usare sono inoltre piombo, matita, penna e acquarelli o colori a olio.

Summary of Fine Art Painting by Iz Maglow


In his art work Artist and Model (2004 / 2005) Artist Iz Maglow combines themes, for those he already searched in his series "Vis-A-Vis (1984)", "Figures and Relationship (1982 - 2004)" or "Portrait-Situation (1990 - 1993)" after his Velazquez interpretations.
Artist and Model (2004 / 2005) accompanies the process of "ending" an art work, that forces the artist to start over again after it has become alive.


Figures and Relationship is a collection of expressive studies of figure-"sketches", that are related to each other as groups or individuals.
These art paintings are shown in chronological groups and have topics like Human Ciphers (2017), Friends (2004), Idols (2003), Witches (2003), Leaders and Losers (2002), Groups in Motion (2002), Faces (1992 / 2016), A Few in Relationship (1984) and Hairdressing (1982).


German Artist Iz Maglow lives in Bali since 1993 and translated Balinese Life into his fine art painting. Bali Houses and Temples (1993 - 1997) as well as cultural Bali Impressions (1994 / 1995) or Ceremonies in Bali (1994 - 1997) he picked in his own artistic style. Bali's Religion (1994 / 1995), Myths of Bali (1995) or Balinese Dance (1993 - 1996) inspired the artist in the same way as People in Bali (1994 - 1997) or Bali's Modern Times (1997 / 1998). Latest Fine Arts: Expressive Balinese Studies (2006), Bali Art: Umbul Umbul (2006).


The painter's Homage to Diego Velazquez is variation and combination of the famous paintings "Portrait of the Royal Family of Philipp IV" and "Portrait of Pope Innocence X" by Diego Velazquez, which Iz Maglow presents in his series called: Portrait Situation (1990 - 1993). Especially on the royal surrounding he always kept an eye on and he painted various art works around the theme Las Meninas or Velazquez' Infantin (1993 - 2004).


Holy Announcement is a collection of modern fine art with the subject of Christian themes and background. Inspired by Italian Renaissance Art German Art Artist Iz Maglow used stories and paintings from Christian art history to create his individual art of Holy Announcement (1987) what lead him to may be even more individual Side Effects (1988) and variations around the theme La Voix Humaine (1988).


With Dance and Swing the art artist follows in its subject his art work around the theme music, but these kind of expressive painting like Rock n' Roll (2004) or On Dance Floor (2004) is much more related to "Figures and Relationship (2002 - 2004)", while some movements of his dancers may remind at his former studies of "Balinese Dance (1993 - 1996)". This Fine Art Painting is transformation of motion and rhythm.


Fine Art Painting related to Music leads like a red line through the art work of German Artist Iz Maglow. Expressive Musical Sounds (2006), Orchestral Sound (1982 - 1991), Music in Colors (1987 - 1991), First Musical Notes (1987 - 1989) and Single Musical Note (1988) are colourful painted interpretations of music, sound or rhythm. Sound Installation (1982 / 1983), Strawinsky Wall (1988) and Event Drawings (1983) show how close his painting goes ahead with real stage events or his own stage design. Music Art Design presents an overview over publishing of Iz Maglow's paintings on CD, LP, poster or brochures.


Vis-A-Vis is the artist's reflection on "human beings and architecture". In Tuscany Cities (1984 - 1998) and in Classic meets Post Modern (1984) human beings and their surroundings are melt together in strong structures. At Mural Drawings (1984) and American Wall (1985) these structures spread out into huge wall installations. One of several basic ideas for these series the painter Iz Maglow took from classic Italian mural paintings.


Memories is this collection of travelling Iz Maglow called. Here he remembers in his fine art painting Locations (1985- 1990) of his life. Moments of voyages and places of his life, no matter if it was a long time domicile or just a phone booth, found remembrance. Pausentreff (1981 / 1982) are little series of self-"pausing" or self developing stories done in / with drawings.


The Balance Wall-Installation (1987) comes along like a huge mural painting, that the artist created for a well known balance producer in Stuttgart. An Introduction together with Balance Paintings provides background information and the order of this art installation on five levels: Egyptian Level, Greek Level, Roman Level, Middle Ages Level, and Digital Level. At last Sketches and Plans.


Iz Maglow did his big series of modern fine art about Bulls in the early eighties. It is obvious that this collection is inspired by "Pop Art Painting". Me as Bull (1982 - 1985) and Bull Patches (1982) follow earlier art work like Bull to Beef (1978 - 1982).
Symbolism and mythology gave Iz Maglow additional inspiration for his Bull Paintings as well as earliest cave paintings.


With Candlelight Art (1982 - 1983) the artist completed his meditative studies, that he began with his "Evaporation Installations". The reflection of color and light counted for much in these art works. In some of his Candlelight Art Installations it seemed as if paintings were wandering on a circle through the room's wall and floor, with changing dark, cold colors on its north and changing light, warm colors on its south.


Experiments with acrylic colour, wax, mirrors and other materials brought Iz Maglow to his series of eighties. The intense surface of a huge amount acrylic colour spreads over a monochrome canvas, is forced into a predetermined geometric form and writes down the process of painting like an intensive meditation. This presentation is sorted as follows: Early Evaporation (1981), Art Installation and Painting (1981 -1982), Late Evaporation Objects (1981 - 1982)


At Folding Art you can see experimental painting. German Artist Iz Maglow presents color studies and action paintings of his art at the beginning of the eighties. Folding-Studies (1980) communicate with materials and light reflection. Drop and Draw (1980) show "colour- and material-combinations" on different bases, Soak and Pour (1980 - 1981) was the basis for his following art installations "Evaporation (1981 - 1982)".

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