Balance in 5 Cultures: Fine Art Installation / Introduction

Fine Art Installation: Balance in 5 Cultures by Iz Maglow


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For entrance and stair house of the balance producer Bizerba in Stuttgart German Art Artist Iz Maglow created an installation of paintings on five levels with the theme "The Balance in 5 Cultures".

Jean-Pierre de Longueville wrote in his introduction to this Art-Installation about the Balance in 5 Cultures in the year 1987: "...In a series, spread over 5 levels, painted notes about the theme Balance are made.
The numerous references of "balance", including its spiritual-, religious- and art historian dimension are considered and transformed in an artistic manner.

The balance, as it already appears in the Old and New Egyptian Empire, is presented in these art work as well as matters of modern technology. ..."














Top level (Level 5), the
"DIGITAL LEVEL", shows in an artistic manner the balance as it appears in our digital time. [ more ]

On Level 4, the
"MIDDLE AGES LEVEL", an half-oval shape, that reminds at the half of a balance, is floating on two blue lines, like a bowl been balanced on water. [ more ]

On Level 3, the
"ROMAN LEVEL", the whole art installation reminds at a slider and hand balance, whose triangles and verticals form the connecting link to the surrounding levels.
[ more ]

On Level 2, the
"GREEK LEVEL", the visitor starts his way up. Water, small weights, horizontal elements and lines symbolise for early balancing. [ more ]























The Entrance Level is dedicated to balancing in ANCIENT EGYPT. Inspiration to these elements of the art installation are borrowed from ancient Egyptian wall paintings. [ more ]













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