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At Web Art Design you will find Cyber Art - Web Sites created in an artistic style - mostly during the 90ies. They were designed to expose your web presence by its clear design in combination with digital image editing. Today website templates and predesigned online web-pages make it easy for everybody do create his own web site without any assistance from a third party. The following part presents presents samples of pre-designed Web Art Design. These shown web design samples were thought as a basic structure for your web presence. These pre-designs could still be changed according to your demands and favourite colours. Even with just a few changes you may already get the appearance of a completely different web-concept. Web design by Artist Iz Maglow sets up priorities in web-conception: Besides clear page programming optimized websites the special focus lies on artistic web design. It's obvious that Web Art Design pays a lot of attention to a visually attractive and optical perfect web presentation.

Together with perfected digital image editing your new web site has any chance to become a real piece of Cyber Art. In addition to this Web Art Design by Iz Maglow has offered a Web-Concept Form, that could help to think through a planed web site.

Successful web presentations from several different branches are presented at References. To get your impression completed you can click from these samples right away to the original web sites. You will find Web Art Design by German Artist Iz Maglow in following languages: English, French, German and multi-lingual.

Summary of Cyber Art and Web Art Design by Iz Maglow

Web Design Beispiele

Web Design Sample by Iz Maglow are pre-designed web designs, which were meant as a little help for your first web presence. These pre-designed web sets could be used as first helpful steps for your first own web site. You could find out relationships of different web sites and possibilities of its extensions. These illustrated web samples are organized by: Sites without frames, with one frame and with two frames. While these frames may have made sense during the 90ies, they are no longer used for web designs these days.

Web Art Design - Konzeption / Formular

What kind of thoughts you may have before your new web presence and what you may decide to realize, all that you could try at Web-Concept / Form. Here Iz Maglow offered a form with several drop-down-menus that can be used as a basic structure for you web site planning. This form is no longer active.

Web Art Design - Referenzen

Some examples of successful Web Art Design and Cyber Art can be seen at the References of Iz Maglow. Web Art Design presents in small screenshots an impression of realized web-concepts, which are linked to the original site, so they can be seen simultaneously. Most different branches, design concepts and web design layouts are presented. Most chosen web designs are in English and German.

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