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Optimized Web Art Design by Iz Maglow

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Web-ART-Design has created websites that are artistic, eye catching and technically optimized. The main purpose was that the user's attention will be caught by visual attractive web-design as well as by the pages' content. Online visitors searching for professional quality sources should be satisfied as well as the ones looking for mostly artistic designed sites. Logical and simple navigation should guide the visitors around.

For established companies a representative internet presentation including basic features like "sitemap", "about us", "privacy policy" and more is as essential as their professional designed brochures. It's "their" worldwide business card and should catch up with global web-design standards. But effective design also matters for most entertainment portals, fun and game sites, private family websites, and for online presentations of local clubs, web-shops or regional services.


Website Optimization by Web Art Design



Actual web-design tries to present the homepage's content in an interesting and attractive layout by including most possible "website optimization". The web designer has to optimize a website to get search spiders to crawl the site and to come back and spider it again after some time to index web changes. Besides these technical aspects, of course, the web layout has to attract the web visitor, has to provide him with all information he is looking for, has to keep him on the site and has to make him to come back to find updates after a while. Each new project should start with concrete planning about the purpose and structure of the final completed presentation including even possible future extensions. Web-ART-Design shows on following pages web-design references and lots of design information and illustrations of different web examples of possible site structures of websites without frames, web-design with 1 frame or web designs with 2 frames.











Website publishers and web-designers who are experienced in optimizing websites, use numerous opportunities to advertise for content related products or services on their web presentations. Those promotions increase the choices for web users to find additional information as well as those adverts help web masters to promote their sites or site products. In many cases website advertising returns costs for domain hosting, web-design and online ads (and may be even more). During the last years there have developed several reliable and professional online companies that provide target orientated advertising for all kinds of businesses. Other sales-sites offer web masters to work as an affiliated online company to promote products or services of those sales-companies. Webmasters include those products into their related web content and promote on commission-basis affiliated services or products.

According to the philosophy of Web Art Design any web visitor should come to a proper designed page that provides original, valuable and helpful information, all presented in a visual attractive layout and with a simple and clear navigation. All of course embedded in a most possible web optimization with clean and clear programming and without short lived cheap showmanship. With an extensive list with questions designed as an web-concept-form Web Art Design provides help to clear first steps and ideas when designing an own optimized web project.

To get visitors to homepages it needs to optimize web pages and build the content around a few main keywords, that the visitors will probably use during their search. Those anchor words have to be related to the content on those web pages. Otherwise web visitors will be disappointed by the page information and leave this site immediately. The content should be easy to read and provide the information the visitors had been searching for in short, clearly arranged paragraphs. There are easy to use, free tools and programs to edit texts and images / photos so all are ready and reduced in size to upload to the web space. Other software-packages can help to increase hardware capacities or provide additional web-tool for better optimized websites. The better all web content is prepared and designed, the more satisfied visitors will be and probably return to a good web-page after some time.



Optimized Web Art Design