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Painting, sculpture, stage design, digital art, and web design from more than four decades

Latest Art Works

In these new paintings, figurative colorforms correspond with abstract structures. 

The theme of the painting series "Figures / Ensembles" was initially developed further in the latest works. Later, the expressive style of painting gives way to an overgrowing structure. There are repeated quotes and references to paintings of earlier years, which now appear like a collage in the new pictures.


An overview of the visual world of Iz Maglow and the topics he has studied over the past four decades. 

Most of the paintings Iz Maglow painted on canvas, paper or wood. In his paintings as well as in his painting style Iz Maglow is always looking for new ways, techniques and image ideas. For this reason, his expressive paintings cover such a wide range of topics, in which classical and modern pictorial themes are equally addressed and merge.


Numerous sculptures and art objects express a colorful work that is rich in forms. 

Over and over again, Iz Maglow breaks new ground both in the choice of materials and in their handling as well as in the implementation of his ideas. This is particularly evident in the versatility of his sculptural works of art.

Stage Designs
Bühnenbild zu Pergolesi: Prima la Musica

The documentation of his stage designs will be presented in an artistically revised form. 

These stages were realized by Iz Maglow in the years 1985 till 1998, during which he worked for the Kammeroper Frankfurt (Main). This section mainly shows sketches, designs and stage models of various in-house and open-air events. In order to illustrate the painterly way of seeing, these stage impressions and performance images have undergone an intensive digital image processing.

Artist Self Portraits
shows digitally alienated self-portraits, which are assigned to individual years of the painter's life. This part reflects entertaining and artistically different facets of Iz Maglow.

References to digital web projects designed by Iz Maglow. In addition, this section provides an overview of the development that this website has gone through over the past 20 years.

Painting Techniques
Following individual web requests this section provides tips and non-binding information on painting techniques and guidelines on art supplies.

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